Banks and credit
unions control
billions of dollars.

It’s time you
have a say in where
the money goes.

Your money
helps fund loans when you’re not using it.

Our members are our customers, the owners of our co-op.

And as an owner, if you're age 19 and over, you have a say in where your money goes by voting for the directors of our credit union.

Everyone gets one vote. No matter how much money they have.

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Here’s what some of your money supports:

Financial inclusion and the end of debt cycles

Indigenous law researchers and community revitalizers

Green builders, deconstructors and material rescuers

Makers, creators and the voices of inclusion

Accelerators of affordable housing creation

Food entrepreneurs, kitchen providers, job creators

And 30% of
profits are
every year.

No, not with some investor overseas. Profits are shared here— between members and our community. Last year, this was $31.9 million.

Pie chart, 70%Pie Chart, 30%

Bank the way you’re used to, while changing everything.

No monthly fee account options

Unlimited transactions on select accounts

Financial planning with professionals

Know what your money funds

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